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A little bit of information on the casinos of historic Cripple Creek, Colorado


Cripple Creek, Colorado

The historic town of Cripple Creek, Colorado sits on the southwest slopes of majestic Pikes Peak in the Colorado Rockies. More than 100 years ago this charming community attracted tens of thousands of gold-seekers to its hillsides in search of their fortunes. The gold mines are a part of Cripple Creek’s colorful history, and today, visitors can choose from a wide variety of rich and wonderful experiences here.

Gaming in Cripple Creek is fun and exciting year-round entertainment. Cripple Creeks Casinos offer the latest and greatest slots, live blackjack and poker in a friendly and scenic Colorado mountain atmosphere. The city of Cripple Creek is home to 16 unique casinos, which vary from modern facilities to beautifully restored historic buildings. Several of the casinos offer great food and hotel accommodations, and all of our establishments provide excellent customer service. Enjoy good times, great food and the loosest slots in the nation when you play and stay in Cripple Creek, Colorado!

Big, exciting changes are in store for the Colorado Gaming industry effective July 2, 2009! In addition to slots, video and live poker, and live blackjack, casinos will offer roulette and craps tables to their guests! Further, the maximum betting limits increase from $5 to $100! Many of the casinos will remain open 24-hours a day beginning July 2, 2009 as well!

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Triple Crown Casino

TRIPLE CROWN CASINOS: Home to three premiere Colorado casinos: JP McGills, Midnight Rose and Brass Ass
Welcome to the Triple Crown Casinos of Colorado – home to the Brass Ass Casino, Midnight Rose Hotel and Casino, and JP McGills Hotel and Casino – where we combine state-of-the-art gaming technology with friendly service and opulent décor for an unforgettable Cripple Creek casino experience.

No matter which of our three Cripple Creek casinos you visit, you’ll find an unmatched level of energy and excitement. And with over 1250 video poker, video slots and traditional slot machines, 6 live Blackjack and Three Card Poker tables, plus a poker room in the Midnight Rose Hotel and Casino, you’re guaranteed to have more fun here than at any other Colorado casino!

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